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StoryCorp Highlights Our Family Skate Association (OFSA)

Roller Skating and So Much More!

Starting this past summer the most remarkable group of roller skaters— yes, roller skaters— began showing up at our Grand Central Terminal StoryBooth and then at MobileBooths in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Chicago, and even Oakland.

Through a partnership with Our Family Skate Association, we have already recorded 44 interviews with members of this historic organization! All types of skaters have come to talk about what the sport means to them and to describe the thriving, intergenerational culture of style skating, which takes its inspiration from soul music and break dancing.

This recent comment on SkateGroove, a news and community website for skaters, is a testament to how much this organization (and recording its history) has meant to its individual members.

"During this StoryCorps recording with my uncle, I learned that I am a third generation roller skater and that my grandfather was instrumental in getting blacks a night of their own to skate at an all white rink in Hamilton, Ohio in 1940. For all you skaters that work so hard to be recognized for what you do on, in, and around the skate community, here’s your chance to make history and go down in history!"

If you belong to an organization, club, or group that made a difference in your life, get in touch with us about recording your history! Tasha Klusmann, President of Our Family Skate Association, set a great example on how to get members involved and participating in StoryCorps.


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